Elena Anatolyevna Ilyukhina, Deputy Ceo from London

Elena Anatolyevna Ilyukhina was a director at Sibir Energy Limited. Born in February 1969 this Russian national had worked at Sibir Energy Limited from 2011-03-28. 11 filings can be located that reference ILYUKHINA, including the 2 pages long document of the officers "appointments" category filed on 2011-03-29 and the 2 pages long file of the officers "change" category filed on 2011-04-26. This professional filled 1 position so far, having worked with numerous professionals including but not limited to: Igor Mikhailovich Tsibelman, "an attorney" at Sibir Energy Limited (from 2011-03-28 to 2012-05-22), Dmitry Nikolaevich Ivanov, "a manager" at Sibir Energy Limited (from 2011-03-28 to 2014-05-14), Andrew Harrison (from 2011-03-28 to 2011-09-09). Elena Anatolyevna was supervising Sibir Energy Limited, company number 03204093, that can be found at 7 More London Riverside, SE1 2RT, London.

Name: Elena Anatolyevna Ilyukhina
Date of Birth: February 1969
Age: 48
Nationality: Russian
Residence: Russian Federation
Address: London
Last updated: 2017-08-27
Former Director at:
Sibir Energy Limited
Occupation: Deputy Ceo
Appointed: 2011/03/28
Address: 7 More London Riverside
United Kingdom
Incorporation date: 1996/05/28
Work History
Sibir Energy Limited
Incorporation date: 1996-05-28
Category: Private Limited Company
Address: 7 More London Riverside
United Kingdom
Sic Code (Services): 82990 - Other business support service activities not elsewhere classified
Ms Elena Ilyukhina was appointed as a director on 2011-03-29
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On 2011-04-26 Ms Elena Ilyukhina director's details were changed
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Coworkers graph

Worked with
Igor Tsibelman (Moscow, age 49)
Dmitry Ivanov (London, age 55)
Maria Abramova (London, age 40)
Other directors
Mohammed Ilyas (Birmingham, age 57)
Muhammad Ilyas (Slough, age 25)
Nasir Ilyas (Burnley, age 41)
Saira Ilyas (Prestwich, age 31)
Imran Ilyas (Glasgow, age 40)
Mohammed Ilyas (Birmingham, age 37)
Rohina Ilyas (Narberth, age 59)