Ethan Thomas Robert Johns, Music Publisher from Chapmanslade

Ethan Thomas Robert Johns has worked as a director at Three Crows Uk Limited since the 24th of December 2007. As a professional, Ethan Thomas Robert worked with (among others): Jennifer Lyn Johns. Based on the information we gathered Ethan Thomas Robert Johns was appointed for 1 company. Ethan has worked as a director in Three Crows Uk Limited found at Sannerville Chase, Exminster, BA13 4AA, in Exeter. This company was started on the 12th of December 2007. We found 18 filings that mention Ethan Thomas Robert, such as the documents submitted on: 16th of February 2009, 15th of December 2009 (change category), 17th of February 2009, 10th of March 2009, 15th of December 2009. Born in August 1969 Ethan Thomas Robert is 48 years old.

Name: Ethan Thomas Robert Johns
Date of Birth: August 1969
Age: 48
Nationality: British
Residence: United Kingdom
Address: Chapmanslade
BA13 4AA
Last updated: 2017-08-09
Director at:
Three Crows Uk Limited
Occupation: Music Publisher
Appointed: 2007/12/24
Address: Sannerville Chase

United Kingdom
Incorporation date: 2007/12/12
Work History
Three Crows Uk Limited
Incorporation date: 2007-12-12
Category: Private Limited Company
Address: Sannerville Chase
United Kingdom
Sic Code (Services): 90030 - Artistic creation
Profit & Loss
Date of Accounts 2011-12-31 2012-12-31 2013-12-31 2014-12-31 2015-12-31 2016-12-31
Tangible Fixed Assets 71,551 77,144 59,925 57,178 38,959 -
Current Assets 8,213 22,095 7,132 23,025 20,322 33,620
Total Assets Less Current Liabilities 15,458 21,698 13,979 11,387 -12,497 -4,883
Shareholder Funds 2,064 9,153 4,865 1,933 -18,110 -
Number Shares Allotted 100 50 50 50 50 -
Director's change of particulars / ethan johns / 03/12/2008
pdf (2 pages)
On Thursday 1st October 2009 Mr Ethan Thomas Robert Johns director's details were changed
pdf (2 pages)
Period up to Tuesday 17th February 2009 - Annual return with full member list
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Coworkers graph

Worked with
Jennifer Johns (Chapmanslade, age 45)
Other directors
Jennifer Johns (Chapmanslade, age 45)
David Johns (Lowestoft)
Alfie Johns (Brierley Hill, age 47)
Janice Johns (Cambridge, age 61)
Nina Johns (Chichester)
Roy Johns (Wallasey, age 74)
Jason Johns (Swindon, age 48)