Fritz Frohofer, Company Director from Switzerland

Fritz Frohofer was a director at Hilding Anders Holdings Limited. Born in March 1939 this Swiss national had worked at Hilding Anders Holdings Limited from 1992-12-23 to 1998-04-08. 11 filings can be located regarding FROHOFER, such as the document of the annual return category filed on 1993-01-11, or the 24 pages long file of the accounts category filed on 1993-11-25. This professional filled 1 position so far, having worked with multiple professionals including but not limited to: Urs Adolph Ueltschi (from 1992-12-23 to 1998-04-08), David Rhodes at Hilding Anders Holdings Limited (from 1993-12-31 to 1998-04-08), Tristan Basil Merlin Maynard (from 1992-12-23 to 1998-04-08). Fritz was an officer at Hilding Anders Holdings Limited, CRN 02673742, a company based in the United Kingdom, that can be found at 29 Gildredge Road, BN21 4RU, Eastbourne.

Name: Fritz Frohofer
Date of Birth: March 1939
Age: 78
Nationality: Swiss
Address: Switzerland
Last updated: 2017-05-25
Former Director at:
Hilding Anders Holdings Limited
Occupation: Company Director
Appointed: December 23, 1992
Resigned: April 8, 1998
Address: 29 Gildredge Road
BN21 4RU
United Kingdom
Incorporation date: December 23, 1991
Work History
Hilding Anders Holdings Limited
Incorporation date: 1991-12-23
Category: Private Limited Company
Address: 29 Gildredge Road
BN21 4RU
United Kingdom
Sic Code (Services): 31030 - Manufacture of mattresses
Return made up to 23/12/95; full list of members
pdf (14 pages)
Period up to 1997-01-09 - Annual return with full member list
pdf (6 pages)
Period up to 1997-12-30 - Annual return with full member list
pdf (8 pages)
Coworkers graph

Worked with
David Rhodes (Stockport)
Tristan Maynard (Rochdale, age 70)
Julie Hutcheson (Oldham)
Edwin Angst (Bach, age 60)
Reto Hartmann (Switzerland, age 60)
Felix Schiess (Schanis/Sg Ch-8718, age 62)
Other directors
Anna Frohlich (London, age 42)
Max Frohlich (Marbach 9437, age 67)
Peter Frohlich (London, age 75)
Stephen Frohlich (London, age 51)
Nadine Frohlich (London, age 41)
Sinead Frohawk (Guildford, age 38)
Mark Frohlich (Seattle, age 55)