Michael Monts, Director from Avon

Michael Monts was a director at United Technologies Finance (U.k.) Limited. Born in March 1951 this Us national had worked at United Technologies Finance (U.k.) Limited from 1994-11-03 to 1998-09-11. Another company where Michael Monts was appointed (on 2001-12-13) was The Falk Corporation. 8 filings can be found regarding MONTS, including the 5 pages long document of the annual return category filed on 1998-08-06, or the 11 pages long file of the accounts category filed on 1998-05-21. The abovementioned officer filled 2 positions so far, having worked with multiple professionals including but not limited to: Gary Kaine, "a president" at The Falk Corporation, Todd Kallman, "a corporate treasurer & financia" at The Falk Corporation, James Cherry. Michael was supervising United Technologies Finance (U.k.) Limited, CRN 00184806, which is located at 1st Floor Ash House, Littleton Road, TW15 1TZ, Ashford.

Name: Michael Monts
Date of Birth: March 1951
Age: 67
Nationality: Us Citizen
Address: Avon
CT 06001
Last updated: 2018-02-10
Former Director at:
United Technologies Finance (U.k.) Limited
Occupation: Director
Appointed: 1994-11-03
Resigned: 1998-09-11
Address: 1st Floor Ash House

TW15 1TZ
United Kingdom
Incorporation date: 1922-10-05
Work History
United Technologies Finance (U.k.) Limited
Incorporation date: 1922-10-05
Category: Private Limited Company
Address: 1st Floor Ash House
Littleton Road
TW15 1TZ
United Kingdom
Sic Code (Services): 74990 - Non-trading company
Annual return up to 6th August 1998 with shareholders record
pdf (5 pages)
Full accounts for the period ending 30th November 1997
pdf (11 pages)
Full accounts for the period ending 30th November 1996
pdf (9 pages)
The Falk Corporation
Incorporation date: 2000-01-01
Category: Other Company Type
Address: 3001 West Canal Street
Wi 53201

Company number: FC023607
Incorporation date: 2000-01-01
Appointed: 2001-12-13
Occupation: Corporate Secretary & Counsel
Accounting reference date shortened from 31/12/07 to 31/03/07
pdf (1 page)
Coworkers graph

Worked with
Charles Hildebrand (West Hartford)
Patrice Noiret (Woking)
Other directors
Lucy Montgomery (Henley-On-Thames, age 55)
Anne Montgomery (Birmingham, age 52)
Giulia Montesdeoca (London, age 47)
Lorenzo Montali (Birmingham, age 47)
Annabel Montali (Birmingham, age 42)
Poly Monti (Nicosia)
Terrance Montague (Chester)