Oliver Montfort Bebb from London

Oliver Montfort Bebb was a LLP designated member at Carisbrook Partners Llp. Born in October 1975 this British national had worked at Carisbrook Partners Llp from 2010-01-28 until 2011-07-27. 4 filings can be located referencing MONTFORT BEBB, such as the 1 page long document of the officers "termination" category filed on 2012-03-07 and the 6 pages long file of the accounts category filed on 2011-05-10. This professional filled 1 position so far, having worked with numerous professionals including but not limited to: Carisbrook Enterprises (from 2010-12-20 to 2011-07-27), Ben Scott at Carisbrook Partners Llp (from 2010-12-01 to 2011-07-27), Hugh Edward Reed Herbert (from 2010-06-07 to 2011-07-27). Oliver was an officer at Carisbrook Partners Llp, company number OC351842, that can be found at 25 Lyndhurst Way, SE15 5AG, London.

Name: Oliver Montfort Bebb
Date of Birth: October 1975
Age: 42
Nationality: British
Residence: England
Address: London
SE15 4JT
Last updated: 2018-01-15
Former Llp designated member at:
Carisbrook Partners Llp
Appointed: 28th January 2010
Resigned: 27th July 2011
Address: 25 Lyndhurst Way
SE15 5AG
United Kingdom
Incorporation date: 28th January 2010
Work History
Carisbrook Partners Llp
Incorporation date: 2010-01-28
Category: Limited Liability Partnership
Address: 25 Lyndhurst Way
SE15 5AG
United Kingdom
Director's appointment terminated on 2012/03/07: Oliver Montfort Bebb
pdf (1 page)
Dormant company accounts reported for the period up to 2010/05/31
pdf (6 pages)
LLP's annual return - up to 2011/01/28
pdf (4 pages)
Previous accounting period shortened to 2010/05/31
pdf (1 page)
Coworkers graph

Worked with
Ben Scott (London, age 31)
Other directors
Geoffrey Montford (Glasgow, age 44)
David Monteith (London, age 49)
Andrew Monteath (London, age 51)
Michael Montague (Sleaford, age 56)
Robert Montgomery (Edinburgh, age 65)
Shirley Monteith (Edinburgh, age 58)
Stuart Montlake (London)