Stefano Bortelani, Accountant, Financial Manager from London

Stefano Bortelani is a director at Bestgate Pension System Ltd.. Born in August 1969 this Italian national has worked as the "accountant, financial manager" at Bestgate Pension System Ltd. since 2015-09-23 when Bortelani was appointed for the position. 1 filing can be located that reference Bortelani, including the 2 pages long document of the accounts category filed on 2017-06-17. The abovementioned professional filled 1 position so far, having worked with many professionals including but not limited to: Jean-Cloud Montbard, "a coo" at Bestgate Pension System Ltd., Martinique Honell, "a cfo" at Bestgate Pension System Ltd... Stefano is a managing director of Bestgate Pension System Ltd., company number 09791406, a company based in the United Kingdom, which can be found at Bpm 375423 372 Old Street, EC1V 9AU, London.

Name: Stefano Bortelani
Date of Birth: August 1969
Age: 48
Nationality: Italian
Residence: Italy
Address: London
United Kingdom
Last updated: 2018-02-16
Director at:
Bestgate Pension System Ltd.
Occupation: Accountant, Financial Manager
Appointed: September 23, 2015
Address: Bpm 375423 372 Old Street
United Kingdom
Incorporation date: September 23, 2015
Work History
Bestgate Pension System Ltd.
Incorporation date: 2015-09-23
Category: Private Limited Company
Address: Bpm 375423 372 Old Street
United Kingdom
Sic Code (Services): 65300 - Pension funding
Profit & Loss
Date of Accounts 2016-09-30
Number Shares Allotted 4,000,000,000
Shareholder Funds 4,000,000
Dormant company accounts made up to Fri, 30th Sep 2016
pdf (2 pages)
Coworkers graph

Worked with
Jean-cloud Montbard (London, age 50)
Martinique Honell (London, age 43)
Jan Helleberg (London, age 56)
Giancarlo Vicenzi (London, age 60)
Severin Voskamp (London, age 51)
Alex Martin (London, age 52)
Patricia Van Ross (London, age 50)
Other directors
Marius Bortea (Nottingham, age 32)
Ioana Bortea (Nottingham, age 23)
Julie Bortey (London)
Ibrahim Bortecene (Istanbul, age 60)
Mark Borthwick (Edinburgh, age 52)
Robert Borthwick (Selkirk, age 67)
Christopher Borton (London, age 65)