Volodymyr Vasylevych, General Building from Borehamwood

Over the course of the career Volodymyr Vasylevych has been hired as a managing director in 1 company. Volodymyr Vasylevych is 37 years of age and is of Ukrainian nationality. At first Volodymyr Vasylevych was appointed as a director in Vlad Ltd on the 28th of April 2015. The company, established at 109a Shenley Road, in Borehamwood, started its business on the 28th of April 2015 under the registration number 09564123. From April 28, 2015 Volodymyr Vasylevych worked with Zhanna Jamarani who was employed as a secretary by Vlad Ltd. Volodymyr Vasylevych appears in 1 company filing. The first filing was filed on the 28th of April 2016 under the ID 120686846 (4 pages long).

Name: Volodymyr Vasylevych
Date of Birth: September 1979
Age: 37
Nationality: Ukrainian
Residence: England
Address: Borehamwood
Last updated: 2016-12-19
Director at:
Vlad Ltd
Occupation: General Building
Appointed: 2015/04/28
Address: 109a Shenley Road
United Kingdom
Incorporation date: 2015/04/28
Work History
Vlad Ltd
Incorporation date: 2015-04-28
Category: Private Limited Company
Address: 109a Shenley Road
United Kingdom
Sic Code (Services): 43390 - Other building completion and finishing
Profit & Loss
Date of Accounts 2016-04-30
Number Shares Allotted 1
Shareholder Funds 1
Coworkers graph

Other directors
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Manuel Vasconcelos (4450-601 Leca Da Palmeira, age 63)
Javier Vasserot (London, age 43)
David Vassar Smith (Cheltenham, age 38)
Dharmesh Vashi (Harrow, age 41)
Veer Vasishta (Pennsylvania, age 71)
Christopher Vassiliou (London, age 29)